Monday, October 29, 2012

Hula-Hoopin' Queen... Someday!

Well, I was a bit nervous about today’s weigh-in… but it turned out okay.  I was down another 1.2 lbs… so 6.4 total loss thus far.  I’m happy with that!  I treated myself to my favorite Chinese restaurant on Saturday night.  Not a buffet, but still they’re not lacking on their portions either!  I was extra active this week… so I thought I’d give it a shot and see if I could still lose weight.  I was pleased with my outcome.

I bought a hula-hoop this weekend.  I read in the pamphlet they gave us last week about a woman who does the hula-hoop for activity.  She said she got up to being able to do it for a full minute.  I thought to myself… “A full minute?  That is easy. Who couldn’t do that?  I used to hula-hoop forever!”  I bought one… and quickly found that “used to” is the operative word!  I couldn’t get it to stay up!  It fell to the ground quicker than an old man’s pants on America’s Funniest Home Videos!  I was shocked!  Now I’m wondering if I can even still jump on a pogo stick!  I was always kind of hyper… so my mother bought me things that would burn up some of my energy; pogo sticks, shoes with springs, an inner-tube trampoline, roller skates, bicycles, etc.  She was/is a very wise woman!  But that hula-hoop is MINE!  I will not be beat by a piece of circular tubing… even a fancy one with blinking lights!  You mark my word… I’ll be a hula-hoopin’ queen before long!  And yes, one minute won’t be nuttin’ to brag about!  That thing will be levitating like Houdini before I’m done with it. 
And speaking of hyper… I was at a football game last week, watching my youngest nephew’s team play.  I’m here to tell you that all of the action wasn’t on the field.  Sure… they’d move… they’d tackle, a whistle would blow… and they’d saunter around a bit before getting in position for the next play.  But I watched these two kids in the bleachers across the field from us… on the winning side.  They raced one another… nearly the entire time we were there; all four quarters.  They never let up.  As I sat there watching them it dawned on me just how sedentary our lives become as adults.  I also realized why so many adults have difficulty sleeping.  I can’t imagine either of those kids doing anything but crashing for a good 8-hour sleep.  Oh sure, they might wake up with aching legs that would require a midnight leg rub; but other than that, I’m sure they slept. 

So, this week I plan to say on plan with my food choices.  Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Watch my portion control!  And work on whipping that hula-hoop into submission. 

Be good, make wise choices… and watch out for the curse of the Halloween candy!

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