Monday, October 22, 2012

First Five Pounds Down

Another good weigh in!  Two pounds down!  It was a good week.  I managed exercise each day, twice on most days (six out of seven) and ate on plan all week without fail.  I was tested twice this week; once at a birthday celebration for my nephew and once for a family reunion.  Both times I managed to stay on plan and make wise choices.  It really wasn’t tough. 

Today we prepared ourselves for autumn with the closing of the swimming pool.  I always hate to see this day come… but it makes the opening of the pool in spring even more thrilling.  I burned tons of calories fighting with those water bags and the huge cover for the pool.  Then instead of setting down for the evening we headed out for our evening walk.   The weather couldn’t be nicer here, high 70s and nothing but blue sky!   
I’m thinking about getting a hula-hoop.  Sounds like a fun way to burn a few calories and maybe whip a few neglected muscles into shape in the meantime.   I’d love to take a yoga class – maybe when my stomach is a bit flatter so that I can bend in the middle and breathe at the same time.  Breathing is very important you know – I recommend it for everyone!

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