Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 - Back in the Saddle Again

Well... here we are back at the start of a new year. If didn't have a calendar you could still tell it is January simply by driving by the fitness centers and weight loss establishments! What a crowd we had at today's meeting. It was awesome! Energizing! It kind of pumps you up a bit to be able to offer advice to a newcomer. Makes you feel like a pro... even though you fell off the dietary wagon over the holidays... and you may have even used your anniversary to extend it a few days more! But I'm not naming names! :) But I ask you, "who doesn't feel better when they can help someone succeed?" Besides, they couldn't tell I failed... so who am I to point it out? The point is, I'm back... and still working towards a better version of me! Who knows... maybe they'll even play a part in my success?

So, today I'm back in ... and only four pounds to show for all that holiday sinning. I feel like I got a fairly light sentence, honestly! Today, I tracked everything. I even stretched a little and dragged myself over to the elliptical for 20 minutes of hard work while jamming to my favorite music and making it appear as if I was having the time of my life! Truthfully, it wasn't half bad!

So come on... jump in here with me and let's get to work!  Oh and just so you know... I've still not mastered that darn hula-hoop! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catchin' Up

Since beginning this blog I have lost 5% of my body weight... who knew that blogging would burn so many calories?  Just kidding.  I've been walking my tail off!  But I've been enjoying it so much!  Even as I typed that last sentence, I am shocked to say that I have truly enjoyed it more than ever.  Here's a pic I took during my walk at lunch one day...

I recently talked a few friends and coworkers into doing a 5K for fun... my first 5K ever.  It wasn't a timed event so we weren't under pressure to do anything except finish.  We all finished within an hour... so we were stoked!  We had a blast!  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  We've all committed to do it again next year.

I also joined the Mayor's "Walk 100 Miles" challenge that runs from Oct. 13th through the end of the year.  Today, November 24th, I actually completed my 100.1 miles... everything else is gravy!  I'm looking forward to seeing how many miles I can get in before its over. 

I did overeat during Thanksgiving; even though I had hoped to have more will power, I did not.  I suppose "hoping" isn't enough!  Still trying to master that dang hula-hoop... but not yet ready to give it up!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hula-Hoopin' Queen... Someday!

Well, I was a bit nervous about today’s weigh-in… but it turned out okay.  I was down another 1.2 lbs… so 6.4 total loss thus far.  I’m happy with that!  I treated myself to my favorite Chinese restaurant on Saturday night.  Not a buffet, but still they’re not lacking on their portions either!  I was extra active this week… so I thought I’d give it a shot and see if I could still lose weight.  I was pleased with my outcome.

I bought a hula-hoop this weekend.  I read in the pamphlet they gave us last week about a woman who does the hula-hoop for activity.  She said she got up to being able to do it for a full minute.  I thought to myself… “A full minute?  That is easy. Who couldn’t do that?  I used to hula-hoop forever!”  I bought one… and quickly found that “used to” is the operative word!  I couldn’t get it to stay up!  It fell to the ground quicker than an old man’s pants on America’s Funniest Home Videos!  I was shocked!  Now I’m wondering if I can even still jump on a pogo stick!  I was always kind of hyper… so my mother bought me things that would burn up some of my energy; pogo sticks, shoes with springs, an inner-tube trampoline, roller skates, bicycles, etc.  She was/is a very wise woman!  But that hula-hoop is MINE!  I will not be beat by a piece of circular tubing… even a fancy one with blinking lights!  You mark my word… I’ll be a hula-hoopin’ queen before long!  And yes, one minute won’t be nuttin’ to brag about!  That thing will be levitating like Houdini before I’m done with it. 
And speaking of hyper… I was at a football game last week, watching my youngest nephew’s team play.  I’m here to tell you that all of the action wasn’t on the field.  Sure… they’d move… they’d tackle, a whistle would blow… and they’d saunter around a bit before getting in position for the next play.  But I watched these two kids in the bleachers across the field from us… on the winning side.  They raced one another… nearly the entire time we were there; all four quarters.  They never let up.  As I sat there watching them it dawned on me just how sedentary our lives become as adults.  I also realized why so many adults have difficulty sleeping.  I can’t imagine either of those kids doing anything but crashing for a good 8-hour sleep.  Oh sure, they might wake up with aching legs that would require a midnight leg rub; but other than that, I’m sure they slept. 

So, this week I plan to say on plan with my food choices.  Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Watch my portion control!  And work on whipping that hula-hoop into submission. 

Be good, make wise choices… and watch out for the curse of the Halloween candy!

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Five Pounds Down

Another good weigh in!  Two pounds down!  It was a good week.  I managed exercise each day, twice on most days (six out of seven) and ate on plan all week without fail.  I was tested twice this week; once at a birthday celebration for my nephew and once for a family reunion.  Both times I managed to stay on plan and make wise choices.  It really wasn’t tough. 

Today we prepared ourselves for autumn with the closing of the swimming pool.  I always hate to see this day come… but it makes the opening of the pool in spring even more thrilling.  I burned tons of calories fighting with those water bags and the huge cover for the pool.  Then instead of setting down for the evening we headed out for our evening walk.   The weather couldn’t be nicer here, high 70s and nothing but blue sky!   
I’m thinking about getting a hula-hoop.  Sounds like a fun way to burn a few calories and maybe whip a few neglected muscles into shape in the meantime.   I’d love to take a yoga class – maybe when my stomach is a bit flatter so that I can bend in the middle and breathe at the same time.  Breathing is very important you know – I recommend it for everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Amost Wet My Big Girl Pants!

I’m so stoked!!!  Today I had my first weigh in and I am 3.2 pounds down!  It’s been fairly easy, but I usually find that the starting week is the easiest for me because that’s when I’m most motivated; most careful, and least likely to stray from the plan. 
There have been a few challenges this past week… none greater than today when by 10:30 I had consumed all of my required liquids for the day only to find my zipper stuck in the up position when I rushed into the bathroom stall.  I was wearing some of those pants with the hidden zipper on the side… and those things are hard enough to unzip for a skinny girl, but a fat girl could end up in traction; especially when the dang thing gets stuck!  Scary stuff folks. 
There I stood in this narrow stall, twisted like a contortionist, softly praying, "oh, God, oh God, oh God, oh God... please, please please, when suddenly it unzipped!  I was nearly in full panic mode when it broke free!  I'm telling you it would have made it much tougher to celebrate a weight loss if I had to do so while wearing wet big girl pants! LOL!
Woo Hoo!  My weight was down!  My pants were dry!  Everything is right with the world!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Walking in Clown Shoes

I find myself again, battling the bulge!  Sadly, it’s not a battle in which I am unfamiliar.  I’ve not fought it for a lifetime – but on and off for the past 20 years.  I can’t blame it on my genes.  I can’t blame it on anything, except poor food choices (both in quantity and quality) and maybe a somewhat sedentary lifestyle.  Although my hubby and I do manage to walk 1.5 miles at least four days a week it’s not made a dent in my waistline. 
I am a “lifetime member” of a weight management program.  That term alone pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?  “Lifetime Member”... kind of like a life sentence!  Years ago when I reached that milestone I thought I was cured from being fat.  Not so!  Far from it!  They knew “Lifetime” meant you’ll be in it for a lifetime!
So, I’ve told you this to tell you that I have admitted my failures and wobbled back into the management program facility seeking help.  Of course they welcomed me with open arms… well me and my money… but its money well spent, so I’m not complaining!  I know that I NEED their help.  I cannot do this alone!
Last night my sweet hubby and I went out in search of new walking shoes.  Would somebody please explain to me why these shoes look like they should be on clowns?  It was bad enough that to find an appropriate fit I went up a full shoe size.  And yes… even going up in a shoe size messes with one’s ego.   But seriously, why can’t they make a pair of running/walking shoes in a nice white with a tiny bit of color for accent?  Is it really too much to ask?  It would go with every outfit!  Of course when I think about it… I may be walking in “clown shoes”… but my shoes are probably the last thing any passer-by will be pointing and laughing about!  The point is… I’m moving!