Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 - Back in the Saddle Again

Well... here we are back at the start of a new year. If didn't have a calendar you could still tell it is January simply by driving by the fitness centers and weight loss establishments! What a crowd we had at today's meeting. It was awesome! Energizing! It kind of pumps you up a bit to be able to offer advice to a newcomer. Makes you feel like a pro... even though you fell off the dietary wagon over the holidays... and you may have even used your anniversary to extend it a few days more! But I'm not naming names! :) But I ask you, "who doesn't feel better when they can help someone succeed?" Besides, they couldn't tell I failed... so who am I to point it out? The point is, I'm back... and still working towards a better version of me! Who knows... maybe they'll even play a part in my success?

So, today I'm back in ... and only four pounds to show for all that holiday sinning. I feel like I got a fairly light sentence, honestly! Today, I tracked everything. I even stretched a little and dragged myself over to the elliptical for 20 minutes of hard work while jamming to my favorite music and making it appear as if I was having the time of my life! Truthfully, it wasn't half bad!

So come on... jump in here with me and let's get to work!  Oh and just so you know... I've still not mastered that darn hula-hoop!