Monday, October 15, 2012

Amost Wet My Big Girl Pants!

I’m so stoked!!!  Today I had my first weigh in and I am 3.2 pounds down!  It’s been fairly easy, but I usually find that the starting week is the easiest for me because that’s when I’m most motivated; most careful, and least likely to stray from the plan. 
There have been a few challenges this past week… none greater than today when by 10:30 I had consumed all of my required liquids for the day only to find my zipper stuck in the up position when I rushed into the bathroom stall.  I was wearing some of those pants with the hidden zipper on the side… and those things are hard enough to unzip for a skinny girl, but a fat girl could end up in traction; especially when the dang thing gets stuck!  Scary stuff folks. 
There I stood in this narrow stall, twisted like a contortionist, softly praying, "oh, God, oh God, oh God, oh God... please, please please, when suddenly it unzipped!  I was nearly in full panic mode when it broke free!  I'm telling you it would have made it much tougher to celebrate a weight loss if I had to do so while wearing wet big girl pants! LOL!
Woo Hoo!  My weight was down!  My pants were dry!  Everything is right with the world!

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