Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catchin' Up

Since beginning this blog I have lost 5% of my body weight... who knew that blogging would burn so many calories?  Just kidding.  I've been walking my tail off!  But I've been enjoying it so much!  Even as I typed that last sentence, I am shocked to say that I have truly enjoyed it more than ever.  Here's a pic I took during my walk at lunch one day...

I recently talked a few friends and coworkers into doing a 5K for fun... my first 5K ever.  It wasn't a timed event so we weren't under pressure to do anything except finish.  We all finished within an hour... so we were stoked!  We had a blast!  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  We've all committed to do it again next year.

I also joined the Mayor's "Walk 100 Miles" challenge that runs from Oct. 13th through the end of the year.  Today, November 24th, I actually completed my 100.1 miles... everything else is gravy!  I'm looking forward to seeing how many miles I can get in before its over. 

I did overeat during Thanksgiving; even though I had hoped to have more will power, I did not.  I suppose "hoping" isn't enough!  Still trying to master that dang hula-hoop... but not yet ready to give it up!

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